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spore.avi - Movie of teh year

2014-06-25 21:14:43 by mightyzinn

His name is Tom The Buttusor



A true hero to us all, we shall bow down to his command.


Tried the demo of Spore, was satisfied. \(o_0)/

Super Cool Update #1

2014-06-19 14:03:37 by mightyzinn



Yeah. I'm a crap animator. I've been working on my skills, but i'm here to say what i'm working on.


#1 - Animated Series

I have some ideas. My biggest problems are i'm horrible at voice acting, and i'm horrible at lip syncing.

#2 - Slonic animation

I have been working on thinking up a Slonic animation, but i'm running into the same problems.


This is a short thing I made with my friend.


The voice was my friend, and the lip syncing is crap.


The theme is - The Year 2080.

Storyline - The Newground characters get sucked into the year 2080, and are suprised by what they find.

Characters: Pico, Salad Fingers, Dad, Edd, The Captin, and maybe some more.


So, should I do it?

WARNING: Flashing Lights

Newgrounds Error. -_-

2014-04-26 13:26:55 by mightyzinn

ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property text on Number.
    at pokeaman_fla::MainTimeline/fl_MouseClickHandler()


If any one can help, I would really like it!