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Pretty good animation, but it also needs a pre-loader. Also, this meme has been dead for awhile. With a pre-loader, you would get a extra star

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Megacharlie159 responds:

Yeah i always add the preloader. I'm just seeing what people think about this first. I'll add it later :P

For a 10 second Sonic Shorts.... Short, this is entertaining

MrJimmyAwesome responds:

Thanks for the feedback

I also do dream of being a banana.

I think that the animation, music, and art is good, but a 28 second loop of that and then a seizure inducing moment just isn't enough.

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VSaetia responds:

I know, it was just an experiment. The graphics are meant to be for a videogame.

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Really good graphics and gameplay, just a little too complicated and the music goes on and on, maybe add different tracks for different rooms.

As a lot of people have said, it feels a little too much like Zelda, I think that the game would do better with more original game play. The graphics look, like Zelda. The music sounds like, Zelda. The HUD is, Zelda. The is just a ROM hack of Zelda. The description makes it sound like a game with elements from all sorts of games, but this seems to just be a Zelda Clone. However, a great one. Just change the game to be more of it's own thing, and I would back it.

DarkLink777 responds:

While I can't deny the clear inspiration, I feel it necessary to say that it's not a ROM hack. No other game assets, including code, were used in this project. But yes, I'm aiming to make a game that has mostly been done before, and those observations are completely justified. But I'm trying to include enough new content to make it feel almost like a sequel. If you don't feel this project deserves funding, I understand. There will always be more projects in the future. Thanks for playing, and for your feedback!

For a jam game, this is really funny, and great! The art is really awesome. Also, if you are someone that can't find the first level, go left for a tiny bit, and the level is there.

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As a fan of C Students myself, I find this art very great for the "Its C Students Factor!", and the style you drew it in.

I am a Animator that makes stuffs!!!!!

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